JoJo's New 'When Love Hurts' Video Will Have You Dancing... With Your Fingers

That when you know it's real...

JoJo's new video not only features the raw, emo feelings you get when you hear her sing about heartbreak, but it busts out a unique kind of dance -- finger tutting.

JoJo, in silks and satins, sweeps herself around an abandoned warehouse, singing about a painful romance. Dancers surround her, bending over backwards and lifting her into the air in a graceful, carefully choreographed dance. And, the coolest part? A lot of those people dance with their fingers too, framing her face with a kaleidoscope of digits.

Just last year, we saw the art of finger tutting in Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" video, with the king of finger tutting, J. P-Nut Hunt. Does this mean that it's the new thing? If so, where do I sign up for dance class?

"When Love Hurts" is one of three singles JoJo surprise-dropped on us in August, along with “Say Love” and “Save My Soul" from her upcoming album.

Apparently, while filming the "When Love Hurts" video, JoJo broke out into an a cappella of the song, which she gave a tease of on her Instagram. So beautiful! Hope they release that version soon too...