The 23 Best Sights and Sounds of Pitchfork Festival 2013

This past weekend, the annual Pitchfork Music Festival was held in Chicago and brought together an impressively wide array of acts including R. Kelly, Björk, Belle & Sebastian, the Breeders, M.I.A., Lil B, Solange, and a lot more. True to festival tradition, the weather offered something to talk about: Björk’s set ended early due to lightning, Belle & Sebastian played through heavy rain, and R. Kelly’s set ignited a light drizzle. The crowd and performers persevered nonetheless. Hive photographer Chris Kitahara was on the scene and here’s 23 best sights and sounds from the weekend. 

1. Pitchfork’s design site Nothing Major’s glampy pop-up shop.

Pitchfork Music Festival

2. Frankie Rose showed off new songs and new hair and both were good.

Frankie Rose

3. Mac DeMarco covered Eric Clapton's “Cocaine," perhaps while on cocaine.

Mac DeMarco

4. Joanna Newsom held a magical storytime hour and revealed her superhuman lungs, letting out a massive 10 lines without inhaling once.

Joanna Newsom

5. This guy's excellent climbing skills.


6. Björk’s lightning rod outfit naturally brought on a storm.


7. Afternoon mosh-pits at White Lung


8. Free manicures!


9. A serious commitment to the floral trend.

Pitchfork Festival

10. Adorable headphone babies.

Pitchfork Festival

11. Adorable teen seapunks.

Pitchfork festival

12. Black fanny packs pair great with orange.

Pitchfork Festival

13. Julia Holter's J.Crew saxophonist.

Pitchfork Festival

14. Ryan Hemsworth got bros in technicolor muscle tees to lose their mind.


15. Savages staying true to their to allegiance to the color black, even in 90-degree heat.


16. Solange really wants you to grind.




17. Belle & Sebastian powering through the rain

Belle & Sebastian

18. Sky Ferreira got emotional during “Ghost” and broke out in tears. “So that was really embarrassing,” she said after. “Everything just became a lot more real.”

19. Lil B brought his posivibes to the festival and got the crowd and even the rubberneckers to chant “I love life.”

20. Google Glass IRL

21. M.I.A.’s neon filigree stage set


 22. The Cosby Sweater Project

Pitchfork Festival

23. R. Kelly.


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