Selena Gomez Posts Shower Pic And Tells Fans ‘It’s Coming Soon’

Selena is such a tease!

Selena Gomez is coming clean.

The singer said last week that she was ready to reveal the "TRUTH", and it may be sooner than we had expected. On Tuesday (June 9), she posted a photo of herself in the shower with the caption, "Ready.. #itscomingsoon."

For those thinking that someone just randomly snapped a pic of Selena showering, look a little more closely. It appears this may be from some type of shoot since she is surrounded by studio lights. Fingers crossed it's for a new music video.

The pic comes a few days after she reached out to her Selenators, saying that she was "beyond excited to show you the next chapter." She admits she's tired of the lies that are being reported about her.

"Sometimes I get frustrated when I hear lies about who I am," she said in an Instagram. "The Internet is meant to keep you ’updated’ but it just takes old news and freezes it like it’s now. I’ve been keeping so many secrets… I’m reborn in every moment so who knows what I’ll become.. As long as I’m happy with me.”

Selena, who is "close to being done" with her follow-up to 2013's Stars Dance, said to expect something a little different on her next effort.

“I haven’t released any music in two years, so it’s really going to be me kind of showing my journey in the past two years,” she said to Women’s Wear Daily. “And there’s a little darkness in it.”

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