This Girl Went Makeup-Free On Tinder To Show What Guys Are Really Like

You've gotta give her props for swiping right 200 times and not throwing her phone out a window.

In a generation where we have a beauty product to cover up anything and everything, going makeup-free is a brave, bold move worthy of the #flawless label. But now with retouching technology, there's a new kind of pressure to cover up your imperfections -- especially when it comes to online dating.

YouTuber Alexa Mitchell, better known as Maican Girl, decided to test out what guys on Tinder really prefer when it comes to the all-natural look -- unphotoshopped makeup-free photos or makeup-free photos retouched using the Relook app.


The 22-year-old beauty vlogger put three unretouched photos on Tinder and swiped right on 100 men. After waiting five hours, her results yielded only 16 matches. Then she used Relook to remove her dark spots and circles, brighten her skin, whiten her teeth and add a filter. She tried again. 100 more swipes and five hours later, 73 men had now matched with her.

That's a 57% increase in romantic interest based on seemingly minor changes. It hardly seems fair or realistic when you break it down.

So guys, before you complain about girls misrepresenting their pics, maybe consider what you're bringing to the table. In this case, it might be a lot of swipes to the left.

Watch the full video here: