Harry Styles Just Ruined One Of His Fancy Suits In An Epic Food Fight For 'Kiwi'

Basically 'Dunkirk' but with, like, snacks

Harry Styles has shown that he can throw himself into fictional battles with aplomb courtesy of his epic performance in Dunkirk, but he just took that intensity to a new level thanks to a pile of cake and a bunch of kids with terrifyingly good aim.

For "Kiwi," his second music video after "Sign of the Times," Styles, equipped with nothing more than a handful of puppies and BRAVERY, makes the mistake of entering a snack skirmish for the ages. It's less of a food fight and more of an all-out battle waged by a bunch of tiny humans who wreak complete and total havoc on a gigantic mound of pastries in the middle of an auditorium.

Though it's painful to see such beautiful baked goods go to waste, the food fight is a ridiculous sight to behold — especially when Styles comes in, aghast, and his puppies take it upon themselves to clean up the mess. (Pretty sure cupcakes aren't super good for dog tummies, but thankfully "Kiwi" has a disclaimer that confirms no animals were harmed in the making of this cinematic triumph.)

Please note that several of the kids are wearing smaller versions of Styles's custom Gucci suits, and that all of them — all. of. them. — wind up so smeared with crumbs and frosting that they're likely permanently destroyed.

Also, please appreciate this still, if only for the sheer horror plastered across Styles's face.

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"Kiwi" is one of the most entertaining, original music videos we've seen in ages, and we'd hardly expect anything less from the dude and his little army of fierce, cupcake-hurling badasses.