The Wanted Explain 'Word Of Mouth' And Its Long Lost Bieber Collab

When the guys stopped by for 'Live From MTV' Tuesday, they didn't hold back when dishing on the 'personal' album.

The Wanted have long said that Word of Mouth is their "best album yet" and finally, after two years, fans can judge for themselves.

On Tuesday, the boy band released their first U.S. album and celebrated the big day with MTV. The group took over the MTV Newsroom for a memorable and at times hilarious "Live From MTV," a live stream that included performances, guessing games and some of their biggest the fans.

After a stripped-down version of "We Own the Night," Max George, Tom Parker, Nathan Sykes, Siva Kaneswaran and Jay McGuiness sat down to discuss their long-awaited album.

"It feels really good. Two years in the making, so there's a little bit of relief that its finally out there for people to enjoy," Tom said, with Siva adding, "The fans waited for such a long time -- a long time."

The album, which features hits "Walks Like Rihanna," "Chasing the Sun" and "I Found You," certainly has the party anthems that the boys are known for, but it also tackles much more personal subjects on tracks such as "Heartbreak Story" and "Show Me Love (America)."

"There's a lot of personal stuff on these songs, relationships, breakups being away from home type of things," Tom said. "I think it shines through. I think it's a lot more musical this album as well. We wanted to make it a bit more band-y, and a bit more guitar-y and live strings in there. So hopefully we achieved it."

The album has taken a lot of shapes since they started working on it several years ago, with rumors that there would be several collaborations. While The Wanted did confirm that they had recorded songs with both Justin Bieber and Rita Ora they just aren't sure when or if fans will ever hear them.

"Depends on how R&B we want to go," Nathan said of the songs. "But yeah, the tracks were really, really good and they would be great for them, but maybe not for The Wanted, but maybe at some point."

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