Meet The 19-Year-Old Designers Behind Rihanna's NBA Finals Hat

Lucid FC opens up about how Rih started wearing their designs.

When you're an up-and-coming designer, getting support from Rihanna has to be prettttty awesome. I mean, one of the most influential—and stylish!—women in the world is wearing something that originated in your brain.

We had the chance to talk with Betts DeHart, one-half of Lucid FC—the other half is his twin brother, Chet—who just had that experience when Rih wore one of their hats out in NYC. The next night, she wore a different one to Game 1 of the NBA Finals. Betts gave us the deets on the company, the brothers' affiliation with VFiles, and what other Lucid FC swag we can expect to see Rihanna wearing in the future.

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MTV: Hi! Can you tell us a little about Lucid FC?

Betts DeHart: My brother and I launched Lucid FC (Footwear And Clothing) when we were 13 and it's a label that specializes in creating footwear and clothes that specialize in timeless, minimalistic pieces. We have a slogan—"Outfits for your Outfits"—and the idea is that we offer outfits for any and all cultures, genders, race, personalities.

MTV: We love VFiles—how did you guys get affiliated?

DeHart: Our relationship with VFILES is crazy. We always tell each other we are like family. Our number one retailer is VFiles! We have received so much help and advice from Julie Anne, Danielle, Rox, and really everyone that works there. When we moved from Atlanta to NYC eight months ago, we went to college for a few weeks, then dropped out. VFiles really was the only reason we were able to survive in NYC. They gave us a job for a few months–while already stocking our clothing line–in order for us to be able to continue things on our path to being fashion designers, but still be able to have some income.

We do not work there anymore, but we are still super close with them, of course! We always will be. VFiles has stood with us since day one.

MTV: Rihanna also, obviously, loves VFiles—is that where she got your hat?

DeHart: To have Rihanna wear Lucid FC is so sick. Mel Forde—aka Rihanna's best friend—wore Lucid to SXSW, so we have to thank Mel and Rox from VFiles, because if not for them, I'm not sure this would've happened! We did not know she had the hat, so we woke up to a great surprise!

MTV: Wow, that must be the best feeling! Is there any other Lucid swag you know Rihanna has in her wardrobe?

DeHart: Rih does have access to all of our items. I know she has our custom Swarovski pink logo T-shirt! Rih and Mel have matching ones. Chet and I custom made them for her. We're so excited to see her in the custom pink logo T-shirt!


For more from Lucid—or to, y'know, cop Rihanna's hat for yourself—head over to their website.