Katy Perry Brings The Poo Emoji To Life! See Prismatic Tour Pics

And expect a whole lot of kitty cats.

Katy Perry is bringing back Kitty Purry in a big way. On Wednesday (May 7), the singer kicked off her Prismatic World Tour in the U.K. complete with a hot-pink catsuit and felines for dancers. Oh, and a giant, carpeted cat playground for a set.

Katy Perry cat-lady status? Up 1,000 percent.

The "Cat-oure" part of the set list, which Katy leaked on her Instagram earlier Wednesday -- has her dancers dressed as if they were in a Broadway production of "Cats," crawling up and down the set. Except this time, they're not singing Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Memory," they're singing "Hot N Cold."

See this and other looks from the night:

In full "E.T." style, KP is lowered down to the stage.

Ride like an Egyptian!

After she jumps off her "Dark Horse," Katy works on her dance moves.

Amirite about the cat thing?

Kitty Purry is back in full force.

Can someone tell me how to get in that front row?

Katy gets all Suzy Sunshine on us.

Bringing that slime-green hair back.

Aannndd the encore: "Firework."

Getty Images

There it is, just as she promised MTV News back in November: "A feast for your eyes and for your Instagram." And Instagram, they did. Katy Cats took out their phones to document the cinematic night, and it turns out, that in some weird twist of events, Katy brought the poo Emoji to life.

Here's the set list for the night, according to Katy's Instagram: