'Community' Gets Cancelled and We're Pretty Bummed But There's Still Hope

Is it time to change that hashtag to #fiveseasonsandamovie?

You had a good run, Greendale. After five seasons of meta-obsession and homages to genres popular and obscure, the Dan Harmon creation that was Community is no more on NBC. After a fifth season that was truly a return to form (following that dreadful — yeah, we said it — season four without its visionary helmer), there was hope that the show might actually make it to that all-important #sixseasonsandamovie — but alas, time is cruel and ratings-fronted rulings on the fate of television are often crueler.

Sure, there's little surprise in the fact that the show — always on the brink of cancellation — finally got the axe, but that doesn't make the truth hurt any less. In fact, there was a veritable s--tstorm on Twitter following the announcement, with pop culture obsessives commiserating over their now-fallen comrade.

"Twitter isn't big enough to hold my condolences and more importantly my gratitude to the best fans, cast and crew in TV history," the series' creator and showrunner, Dan Harmon stated on Twitter. "Excelsior." He wasn't the only one who took to the social networking site to discuss the news.

Joel McHale, the series' star, was the first to comment on the news, sending shivers down our spine because OH NO IT'S REAL:

The rest of the cast went the gratitude route:

But don't lose faith yet! There is still the glimmering vestige of hope that is the fact that, according to Entertainment Weekly, the series' production home, Sony TV, will try to land that all-important sixth season somewhere else. "Sony Pictures TV ... will now try to find another home for it on cable or a streaming service," writer Dan Snierson explained, adding that the show already has syndication rights over at Comedy Central, with Hulu owning things on the digital side. Hey, somebody: do the right thing here. Don't make us change the hashtag.