From Ariana Grande To Redfoo: These 9 Pop Songs Make Saxophones Sexy

J.Lo, Lady Gaga and Le1f make sax a staple.

We're bringing saxy back! A few months after the fat sax loop on Ariana Grande's "Problem," Redfoo is making woodwinds cool again with "New Thang," a song he released on Sunday.

But this isn't the first time we've glorified the reed instrument in pop music. Let's go back to an earlier time -- 2005 to be exact -- when the sax flowed aplenty and J.Lo looked...exactly the same.

1. Jennifer Lopez -- "Get Right"

I remember first hearing this on the bus ride to school and having my mind blown. Band instruments can be used in Top 40 music? And it can sound extremely sexy? There really was nothing like it.

2. Katy Perry -- "Last Friday Night (TGIF)"

Things stayed jazzy well into 2011, with Katy including a sax solo on her Teenage Dream summer single. Kenny G played the saxophonist in the video, if you remember.

3. Lady Gaga -- "The Edge of Glory"

Also that summer, Mother Monster dropped this Clarence Clemons-assisted Born This Way track. The E Street Band musician also appeared in the video.

4. M83 -- "Midnight City"

The echoy electronics of M83 made the sax solo at the end of this song a little surprising. Nevertheless, Fitz and The Tantrums' James King wailed away. 2011 was a big year for sax.

5. Le1f -- "Wut"

Welcome to 2012, the year of the sax loops. Le1f, a.k.a. Khalif Diouf, took a few sax notes and tapped them into a rhythm that drove the entire track.

6. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis -- "Thrift Shop" featuring Wanz

Shortly after, Mack and Ryan released their goofy song about shopping on a budget -- with a melodic sax loop to go along with it. Le1f had some choice words for the duo, claiming they stole his idea.

7. Jason Derulo -- "Talk Dirty" featuring 2 Chainz

Jason pulled out the crankiest sax ever for the breakdown on this song from 2013, and you can't help but get a little wacky when you dance along.

8. Ariana Grande -- "Problem" featuring Iggy Azalea

Ariana's sax-iness was just as sassy with a loop that helped her win Best Pop Video at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

9. Redfoo -- "New Thang"

And now, here's the LMFAO member, who's making the saxophone a thing once again. The sax player even takes his shine in the video.

What's your favorite sax song? Share it in the comments!