5SOS' Director Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of Their ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ Video

Here's 7 things you may not have known about the video.

By now, I'm sure everyone in the 5SOS Fam has watched 5SOS' "She's Kinda Hot" video at least 100 times... or is that just me?

I don't think so. Their epic new video is playful, animated and celebrates the fact that they are the kings of the new broken scene.

So how did this all come together? Well, we caught up with director Isaac Rentz -- the man behind their videos for “Good Girls,” “Amnesia” and “Don’t Stop" -- to get all the secrets about "She's Kinda Hot."

So here are seven things you never knew about the video.

It's "Mad Max"-Inspired


The guys made it clear that they wanted to bring some elements from their new favorite flick, "Mad Max," into their video, and that's exactly what Isaac did... in float form.

"The guys mentioned that they really liked 'Mad Max' and I'm like, 'What would it look like if we created a "Mad Max" vehicle in the suburbs using what you would find in your dad's garage?'"

Bringing The Lyrics To Life


We all know how much 5SOS love their comic books, and with a "cartoon element" to the song, Isaac wanted to emphasize some of the lyrics in comic book form creating text and images that pop up throughout the video.

"I kept hearing all these new elements of the song -- there are all these sound effects in it," Isaac said. "There's an elephant sound, there's a sound of a cash magazine, and I was like, 'You know I wish there was a way for me to call those out more.' The song has a cartoon element to it, I was like, 'What can we do to bring that out?' So I started sketching some stuff and before you knew it the whole video was covered in it."

Float Malfunction



It wouldn't be a video shoot without a slight malfunction -- unfortunately for 5SOS, it just so happened to be while they were riding a three-ton float down a street at 3:30 in the morning.

"The giant float that they were on would not turn on and we had to shoot a couple of scenes where basically all the production assistants on set were pushing it down the street," Isaac said. "We just tucked them behind the float and they were all pushing that thing. We had to keep shooting and it was horrible, but it was also kind of fun; it was such a rag-tag shoot, the whole thing was basically held together by duct tape."

Be On The Lookout For Those Pop Punk References



You may have noticed that some of the scenes from the video pay homage to a few of 5SOS' favorite pop punk bands of the past (Good Charlotte, Green Day), but Isaac said that this is something that they try to do all the time.

"Every time I make a video for them it's an opportunity for me to dig back to pop punk references from the past," he said. "We never pick a direct reference, but we are always kind of pulling from this really wide catalog of pop punk bands and videos from the past. I do think if you watch enough pop punk videos you'll realize there is usually the theme of misfits banding together. I think we took it to another level and made it something that was really unique to the band."

Security Guards Turned Badass Bikers


5SOS' security team had to work double duty that night, transforming themselves into badass bikers who clap along perfectly to the beat. Oh, and if you like what you see, they may be making a repeat performance.

"We had these security guys who travel with them everywhere and the band has this really fun affectionate relationship with them, so they said, 'Let's put them in the video,'" Isaac said. "The band said, 'Let's put them in biker outfits,' so now all of a sudden those guys have to play bikers in every video, I think. They were really good sports; they are toughest scariest-looking dudes, but they were so game to be in this part in the video."

"Project X" House Party


If the house the guys are sitting outside of in the video looks familiar, that's because it was used in the party movie, "Project X." 5SOS filmed the video at the Warner Brothers lot in Hollywood, California, and once they saw the house they knew they had to use it.

"It was so coincidental, but it's kind of fun because of where the video goes at the end," Isaac said. "We picked that house primarily because we thought it looked cool and we found out afterwards it was that house."

A Little Tease Of What's To Come



Isaac revealed that he has been working with the guys on even more videos for their upcoming second album, and that "there's some elements of this video that will kind of become a storyline that goes throughout -- like little pieces that people can look for." Unfortunately, Isaac wouldn't give too many details on what's to come, but did say the next video is going to "amazing" and "totally insane."