A Definitive Ranking Of 'Laguna Beach' Promposals

From a 'prom' tattoo to prime cinema billing, look back at the elaborate ways 'LB' high schoolers invited dates to the big dance.

If you need a field guide for the perfect proposal, look to "When Harry Met Sally." If you need a field guide for the perfect promposal, consider a quick trip to "Laguna Beach."

Beginning Monday, April 20, MTV will honor the pinnacle of all high school rituals -- prom -- with a two-day "Promposal Mania" extravaganza, which will earn one lucky fan an Austin Mahone prom experience and help others work up the nerve to epically ask out the dates of their dreams. And, as popping the prom question is no easy feat, we decided to help out those still in search of a potential king or queen by deferring to some classic "LB" episodes.

Between 2004 and 2006, MTV captured students at LBHS going to great lengths to secure perfect escorts -- animals were enlisted, chauffeurs were commissioned and tow truck companies were contracted in the name of making each bit of question-asking one of a kind. Yes, perhaps greater than the legacy of "dunzo" or drawers full of black chokers, the "Laguna" promposals proved to be the stuff of legend, and we decided to pit 'em against each other to determine which stood atop the prom totem pole.

Check out our definitive ranking of each "LB" promposal below, tell us if you agree with the assessment and stay tuned for all the "Promposal Mania" starting Monday on MTV!

Trey promposes to Jessica T., Season 1

There's no denying that he was one of the nicest, most sincere guys the series saw, and his invitation was a perfectly fine gesture -- it just didn't really stand up to the rest.

Cameron promposes to Tara, Season 3

If your invitation runs the risk of shedding on your date's slacks, drooling on her brand-new pair of Rainbow flip-flops or experiencing an untimely BM on her area rug, it's time to reconsider your plan of attack.

Matt promposes to Cami, Season 3

Seen it a million times. Good ribbon work, though!

Stephen promposes to Kristin, Season 1

Stephen's mystery love letter to Kristin had the potential to lead to a super-cool reveal, but unfortunately, it only led to Stephen darting through Kristin's house with a Sharpie'd "Prom?" on his chest. The lukewarm sentiment, paired with his untimely plumber's crack, made for a particularly bizarre ask, and one that sort of registered as a home invasion.

Talan promposes to Kristin, Season 2

Kudos to Talan for the slow reveal -- the man really got in touch with his inner Nicholas Sparks. Still, his letter to Kristin was a little bit contrived and chipped away at what could have been a perfectly classic promposal.

Dieter promposes to Jessica, Season 1

Ladies and gents, it doesn't take fire-breathers or tightrope walkers to make a lady feel loved. Armed only with a poster, some flowers and a quick limo ride, Dieter got Jessica to turn into goo, and she seemed genuinely touched by her boyfriend's act.

Gary promposes to Morgan, Season 1

Gary: the second coming of Seuss? Put aside the fact that the guy managed to booby trap Morgan's bedroom while she was none the wiser -- he incorporated living beings, rhyme scheme and a kiddie pool into his promposal. On a different day, this could have earned top honors.

Alex promposes to Rocky, Season 3

There's nothing more romantic than reconciliation, and when Alex found himself at a deficit with Rocky, he made sure his apology came across in a BIG way. This promposal had it all: Sunset, a flower garden and enough pink balloons to lift Rocky into the stratosphere. And who doesn't love an over-the-volleyball-net embrace?

Alex promposes To Kyndra, Season 3

No, Alex's promposal wasn't particularly tender, but who else thought to etch ink into his skin in the name of a surprise invitation? Ballsy move, sir, and it certainly paid off. And the wonders it must have done for local commerce!

Jake promposes to Taylor, Season 2

Points to Jake for being the only guy on the list to actually piss off his intended date -- but it was all in the name of his massively triumphant promposal! Jake got Taylor all shaken up when he hired a towing company to mock-apprehend her car, and just went she looked ready to explode, he admitted he was behind the prank, and Taylor was so stunned she could barely function.

Jeff and Jeff prompose to Jessica and Alex, Season 2

Any "Laguna" fan has this promposal burned into his or her brain -- and for good reason. Jeff and Jeff risked life, limb and coiffed bang swoops just to surprise Jessica and Alex during brunch, and the looks on the ladies' faces said it all -- this was one real invitation success story.

Derek promposes to Lexie, Season 3

Lexie and Derek weren't class couple by any means, and it wasn't even clear if they really liked each other. But Derek pulled out all the stops when he put his promposal into cinema billing at the local theater. What lady wouldn't want her own fairy tale spelled out in the same space that hosted "Cinderella," "The Way We Were" and every cinema love tale in between?

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