Grant Morrison's Madonna-Inspired 'Warcop' Moves From Hollywood To Comics

"Todd McFarlane called me up one day," Morrison recalled. "Apparently Madonna had called him up and said, 'Todd, would you do a movie for me?' But he didn't want to do it. He told me, 'I don't care, I got a better looking wife than Madonna. You want to have a go at this?'"

So Morrison came up with an action movie idea for her -- kind of a cross between "Judge Dredd" and "Demolition Man" about a cop who travels back in time to catch a suspect. "It was just very much a '90s action movie about a kickass girl," he said. "It wasn't particularly weighty or worthy or anything. It was just a dumb action movie like 'True Lies' and those kinds of things."

The movie concept never went anywhere -- "it just disappeared"-- and Morrison decided, after a good decade or so had passed, to resurrect not the concept, but the title. "I thought it was a good title, so I came up with a new take on it, and turned it into something else that's going to come out next year," he said.

The six-issue miniseries, to be published by Vertigo, is more about our post-9/11 world. "It's about the atmosphere of war and terror, and making a mythology out of it," Morrison said. "So it's about a guy who's testosterone-enhanced to be the ultimate soldier -- guys sniff his sweat, he's so much the ultimate man. He's been bred for war, and he wins the war, but now that he's won the war, he needs a new one. So he starts looking for other enemies. He's become paranoid and he's imagining conspiracies."

Along the way, the soldier teams up with a kid who's involved in a youth cult called the Inside Outers. Instead of simply wearing name brands, the kids of the not-so-far-off future cut the labels off their clothes and swap it with their own names. "If you like a particular candy, you pin the label on your jacket so your friends know what you're into," Morrison explained. "And you put a sticker with your name on it on your candy or your Coke. So for instance, I would be drinking 'Grant' not Coke. I would be wearing 'Grant,' not Versace."

With a pumped-up soldier soldier and a beyond-trendy sixteen-year-old helping each other out, "you've got a real odd couple," Morrison said. "And they're targeted by those who want to exploit that oddness. I don't want to say more than that just yet, because it's very high concept and someone might steal it, but together, they find what the new war is."

Intrigued by Grant Morrison's "Warcop" series? Would you have wanted to see Madonna in an action movie? Would you want to see "Warcop" as a movie in the Madonna version or the new version?