Justin Bieber Gets Spanked By Zach Galifianakis: Watch Now!

Bieber sits down with the 'Hangover' star for the latest installment of 'Between Two Ferns.'

When Justin Bieber sat down with Zach Galifianakis on the Funny or Die web series "Between Two Ferns," what started out as just another interview quickly escalated into something no one could have anticipated.

Galifianakis opens it up, telling the singer, "It's really exciting to talk to you, especially right in the middle of your public meltdown." But Bieber manages to take each one of his comments and questions in great stride, putting his own comedy chops on display.

Among his funnier comments came when the "Hangover" actor asked him what he's thinking about onstage sometimes, to which Bieber replied, "Sometimes I'm really like, 'Damn I wish I was watching 'Cops' right now.' "

The other topics touched upon in the segment include the [article id="1705714"]comments he made about Anne Frank[/article] earlier this year, his hair, the [article id="1710366"]video of him urinating in a mop bucket[/article] and, of course, his dating life. Though, somewhere along the way, the video takes a darker turn and Galifianakis decides to spank Bieber with his belt, which he later apologizes for.

This is hardly [article id="1635286"]Bieber's first collaboration with Funny or Die[/article]. Back in April 2010, he took over the site, posting comedic clips where he also poked fun at himself.

Next up for Bieber, he is slated to [article id="1713752"]drop new music this October[/article] in anticipation of his new album, billed as his [article id="1706277"]"music journals,"[/article] possibly due for release sometime this holiday season. He also recently appeared alongside Juicy J and Maejor Ali in the [article id="1714212"]"Lolly" video[/article].

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