Jennifer Lopez's 'A.K.A.' -- Explained In J. Lo GIFs

BRB, opening up our Jennifer Lopez GIF folder.

The collection of 10 songs found on Jennifer Lopez's eighth studio album -- 14 on the deluxe edition -- may not break all that much new ground for the multi-talented icon, but what A.K.A. does offer might very well be the 44-year-old singer at her finest. Peak J. Lo, if you will.

To paraphrase one of Ms. Lopez's past singles: If you do it, do it well. And from "First Love" to "I Luh Ya Papi," you better believe that that's what she's doing here.

Out today (June 17), A.K.A. boasts features by Nas, French Montana, Pitbull, Rick Ross, T.I., Iggy Azalea, and even Ballroom legend Jack Mizrahi. Since the album is such an absolute J. Lo-stravaganza, who better to take us through every track than Jennifer Lopez herself? Albeit in GIF form, but whatever! Let's do this.

1.) Title track "A.K.A." featuring T.I. opens the set with a deep, slow burn, pumping you up for every side of J. Lo you're about to witness.

2.) Easily the most radio-friendly of the bunch, mega-earworm "First Love" is already mailing in its change-of-address forms to take up residence in your brain. Summer roomies!

3.) The ironically satisfying "Never Satisfied" is basically "unf" in song form. Wait, is that irony? Thanks, Alanis.

4.) Grab a papi and give him some luh with "I Luh Ya Papi" featuring French Montana.

5.) Is your manfriend suddenly getting out of line, pretending he doesn't see the very precious partner in front of him? "Acting Like That" featuring Iggy Azalea will help you remind him what's up.

6.) Will whoever took Jennifer Lopez's "Emotions" please return them at once? Thank you. We mortals can only handle so many heartbreaking ballads.

7.) Remember, heartbroken listeners. You're "So Good" without that loser.

8.) Soft and gentle "Let It Be Me" is all about who you can turn to in times of need -- J. Lo, obviously.

9.) "Worry No More" featuring Rick Ross is all about letting down your guard and getting vulnerable with the one you're with, even if it's Ben Affleck.

10.) Club-banger "Booty" featuring Pitbull is titled "Booty" and it features Pitbull. WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED TO KNOW.

11.) "Tens" featuring Jack Mizrahi will have you serving face, body, clothes and shows, even if you're stumbling into work 27 minutes late on laundry day.

12.) Some guys are "Troubeaux" (featuring Nas), but that doesn't mean you're not feeling 'em with the heat of a thousand suns.

13.) Don't let the wordplay on "Expertease (Ready Set Go)" fool you. Sometimes it's best to get straight to the point.

14.) Sure, Jennifer Lopez has bigger shows and a bigger sound now than when she first started decades ago, but the essence of J. Lo remains true, a point that deluxe album-closer "Same Girl" featuring French Montana hammers home.

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