Rihanna Casually Takes A Selfie With A Volcano Because Rihanna

Check out her hottest selfie ever.

What happens when a tornado meets a volcano? If the tornado is Rihanna and the volcano is, um, an actual active volcano, then they have a lovely dinner together, thank you very much.

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While vacationing in Italy following the wrap of The Monster Tour with Eminem, the 26-year-old singer apparently went out on the Mediterranean for a Rih-laxing little dinner at sea.

"Sailed up to an active volcano for dinner #bucketlistshit," she tweeted on Wednesday, along with a couple of stunning selfies she took in front of the lava pit because #yolo #dgaf #ph-ckyoselfie.

[image src="wp-attachment://1913874" title="rihanna" alt="rihanna"]

Sorry, National Geographic, but all other volcano selfies are officially ir-Rih-levant.

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