One Direction's 'Made In The A.M.' Website Is Full Of Hints, Clues And Throwbacks

Nov. 13 really can't come soon enough.

Next Friday, Nov. 13 is a Holy Day Of Obligation for One Direction fans, as it's the day the group's fifth album, Made In The A.M., will finally be released. Ahead of the release, the band this week launched, a sort-of scavenger hunt/interactive experience to keep fans occupied until the record properly drops.

Right now, there are a bunch of cool photos, videos and throwbacks strewn all over the virtual room that occupies the website, and you can explore it all via a Google Maps-like search feature. You'll find some throwback references as well as some hints and clues about the new album. Here's the cool stuff we've found so far.

The Take Me Home telephone booth.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 4.34.32 PM

Remember allll the way back in 2012 when we all gawked at the cover of Take Me Home, the band's second album, because of how young and fresh-faced they were climbing atop a classic red English telephone booth? Boom. If you approach closely enough, you can click and hear a message from Liam directly to fans: "Hi everyone! We're sending a big thank you to you. Thank you for supporting us through the years and being one of our most loyal listeners."

The projector screen video.

A simple welcome message that invites fans to come back every day and check more for updates.

The classic-rock memorabilia.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 4.41.52 PM

In the upper right corner, there's a framed With The Beatles record on the wall, clearly hinting that (now that there are only four), 1D is the new Beatles. Clearly. Not gonna even attempt to try figuring out which one is which. Elsewhere in the room are framed records of A Hard Day's Night and Help!, as well as a pillow of the Beatles as cartoons during the Sgt. Pepper's era.

There's also an Aladdin Sane-era David Bowie pillow chillin' on the couch, which every cool loft should just have.

The calendar.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 4.37.34 PM

November 13 -- The Day Of Reckoning -- draws nearer, my friends. Will Made In The A.M. topple Justin Bieber's Purpose, which also comes out that day, on the charts? Come on, guys -- as 1D reminds us, it's not about that. It's about celebrating an album they're "very, very happy with," as Harry said.

The clock portal.

A large wall clock resting on the floor, set to 12:30. Approach and you're rewarded with a flash-forward video of 1D through the years, beginning with "What Makes You Beautiful" and ending with "Perfect."

The guitar.

"Our new album is coming out soon, and it's called Made In The A.M. because we literally wrote a lot of it at nighttime into the early morning," Niall says in the video that pops up when you click on Niall's guitar. He also sheds light on how much more input he had on this record compared to the last one -- especially on the song "Never Enough," which he's already said is his favorite.

The band has promised more cool stuff will be revealed every day, so we'll just have to come back and check it out tomorrow.