Earl Sweatshirt Drops His Second Surprise Project In Two Months: Listen

This is Earl's latest.

A little over a month after releasing I Don’t Like Sh-t, I Don’t Go Outside: An Album By Earl Sweatshirt, the Odd Future MC has dropped an entirely new project for fans.

The 10-minute effort, Solace, was released on YouTube Tuesday (Apr. 28). Though it streams as one long track there are a number of jazz-influenced beat changes. When it was released on YouTube earlier today, it was posted with this message: “Music from when I hit the bottom and found something.”

The mysterious project may seem like it dropped from out of nowhere, but Earl Sweatshirt actually discussed it with NPR in March. "We set up a studio at my house and I did a little project real fast,” he explained. "It’s called Solace. It’s more for my mom."

His mom's referenced on the project, too. "When they drag me out the gutter," he rhymes. "Mail the ashes to my mother."

Earl’s mom made headlines when Odd Future first emerged on the scene in 2011. You’ll recall, fans were upset with her because she'd sent him to a Samoan military academy just as Odd Future's boom began. The “Free Earl” campaigns were launched by fans and his mom became the target of hate.

Years later, the effects of that still linger. On April 21, for instance, Earl addressed the impact this had on his mother during an interview with Grantland. "People was all in her emails, people were calling her and sh-t, it was at the height of the [Odd Future] sh-t," he said. "N-​-​-​-​s was driving by the house slow. She was scared to go to work."

Solace is the second surprise drop Earl's given us this year. In March, he was "livid" with his label's rollout of I Don't Like Sh-t.

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