President Obama's Favorite Song This Year Is Straight Outta Compton

But not from the movie's soundtrack.

President Barack Obama's hip-hop sensibilities have come into focus through the years. He's been interviewed by Diddy, brushed his shoulders off, filled his iPod with Jay Z and Ludacris, said he was going to rap Young Jeezy during his second term, and this summer said he was fresh off of listening to Outkast's "Liberation."

So it's only right, then, that his favorite track of 2015 was a rap song. His choice? Kendrick Lamar's "How Much A Dollar Cost," according to People.

The song, featured on March's To Pimp A Butterfly, is one of K. Dot's most striking and profound pieces of storytelling in a young career already filled with them.

He vividly details being approached and asked for money by a man in need, before deciding that, despite his own success, he wasn't going to give a handout to the beggar. The beggar, though, turned out to be God.

“It’s a true story," Kendrick told MTV News earlier this year about the album cut, which features an R&B legend, Ron Isley, and an up-and-comer, James Fauntleroy. "These are moments in my life deeper than just handing somebody a dollar. These are actually moments of integrity, actually being able to talk to somebody. Me talking to him was simply a thank you from God. And I felt God speaking through him to get at me.”

Nice choice, Mr. President.

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