A.M. Surf Report: Britney Inspires 'CSI,' Sanjaya's A 'Grindhouse' Fave, 'Spider-Man' Conquers NYC & More

Shaved-head starlet witnesses a TV crime; Rose McGowan backs 'horrible' contestant'; Spidey premieres in his hometown.

The news happens all the time, even while you're catching up on your beauty sleep. Check out this brief rundown to bring you up to speed this morning -- a quick heads up from your friends at MTV News.

Here's what we've got:

Panic! at the Disco could write the standard second album about how tough it is to be in a successful band, but they've decided to spare you the whining. Guitarist Ryan Ross told us that [article id="1556222"]the group's next LP will be a love story[/article]. "We wanted to do something more universal, something that pretty much anyone can relate to."

Randy Jackson and "American Idol" bandleader Rickey Minor are tired of [article id="1556250"]contestants' lame attempts at "untouchable" songs[/article] by superstar singers. So does "Idol" include Celine, Whitney and Stevie Wonder on the approved-song list just to torture viewers? Axed contestant Brandon Rogers tells us the tough songs set the best singers apart, explaining that Jordin Sparks pulled off Christina Aguilera's "Reflections" this season. "That's one of the untouchables and she touched it."

Nelly is working on [article id="1556256"]a film about one of his favorite pastimes[/article] -- "everyone does it" -- that's right, bowling! He's keeping details on the project under wraps for now, but we got the title out of him: "Rolling Thunder." In other Hollywood news, Ryan Gosling has just finished shooting "Lars and the Real Girl," a film that he calls "the closest thing to 'The Notebook' that I've done since" -- only this time his co-star is a sex doll, not Rachel McAdams.

And in case you missed Kurt Loder's report last night that spoiled all the Keith-Richards-will-snort-anything fun with one e-mail, the Rolling Stones guitarist's [article id="1556258"]claim that he mixed his dad's ashes with cocaine was "said in jest,"[/article] according to Richards' manager.

Quote of the Day: "If I was a contestant listening to everything that's been said over the last six seasons, I wouldn't know what to do." -- [article id="1556250"]"American Idol" producer Nigel Lythgoe[/article] on the judges' conflicting advice.

Here's what everyone else is talking about:

"CSI: Miami" is following "Law & Order" 's ripped-from-the-headlines lead with an episode featuring a witness modeled on Britney Spears -- a shaved-head star in rehab. CBS confirms that Spears influenced a "a small part of the episode," E! News reports.

Another -- presumably lower-budget -- TV production ("a national television entertainment news show") is looking for their own celeb-alike. A Craigslist post seeks a Sanjaya Malakar ringer -- no singing talent required -- for a parody. The right applicant gets TV exposure, $250 and a lifetime of memories.

Speaking of Sanjaya, the unlikely "Idol" success has Rose McGowan's vote. Not because he's got charm, unforgettable hair, a decent voice or that indefinable something. "He's horrible," she told, who just happened to bump into the "Grindhouse" star at LAX. "America loves it."

It's Spidey's city, we just live in it. "Spider-Man 3" will be taking over New York in the coming weeks, Variety reports, with citywide events to promote the blockbuster. The movie is scheduled to premiere in Queens, Peter Parker's home borough, on April 30, four days before it hits theaters across the country.

Seattle's Bumbershoot Festival has announced its initial lineup. Panic! at the Disco, Wu-Tang Clan, the Shins, Lupe Fiasco and the reunited Crowded House will perform at the event, which runs September 1-3.

The Sirius-XM merger may have hit a speed bump, as a telecom research firm (hired by merger opponents the National Association of Broadcasters) reports that uniting the satellite companies would be a bad idea, providing "less service, less affordability, less diversity and less choice," according to Reuters. The star-crossed satellite giants issued a joint statement noting that terrestrial broadcasters will "do and say anything" to keep them apart.

And Paul Wall knows a sure way to put any beef behind him -- "a big ol' hug." Wall, who [article id="1554722"]revealed to us last month[/article] that he'd like to get back to work with ex-partner-turned-foe-turned-friend Chamillionaire, told that he was so proud of Cham's Grammy win that he had to show some affection.