Curren$y 'Learned More About The Business' Dealing With Damon Dash

MC talks to MTV News about working with the former Roc-A-Fella CEO, whom he is reportedly suing for selling his music without permission.

Curren$y and Damon Dash may not see eye to eye, but the Hot Spitter admits that he learned a lot trying to do business with his one-time friend. On Sunday, TMZ reported that Curren$y filed a lawsuit against Dame claiming that the former Roc-A-Fella CEO was selling his music without permission and is now seeking $1.5 million in damages.

During an interview with MTV News last week, the New Orleans MC admitted that he has learned a lot working with Dash, as well as other notable CEOs he was once signed to like Master P and Birdman. "You run the list, I've picked up game from all of them, man, Master P, Baby. Me and Wayne made hours and hours and hours and hours' worth of music in the studio, Dame," Curren$y told MTV News on March 21. "I been around some people, made moves and soaked it all up."

In the early 2000s, Curren$y, as a member of the 504 Boyz, was signed to No Limit Records, where he appeared on a number of label releases. "What I got from P was the amount of projects there should always be, something happening from your label to keep you relevant," he said. "Something should always be poppin'."

He then inked with Lil Wayne's Young Money company, developing a unique recording process alongside Weezy, with whom he appeared on several mixtape tracks. "What I got from Cash Money, what I got from being around Wayne so much I guess the studio work," he said. "We had the same work ethic and that's how I realized I wasn't crazy."

Next Curren$y hooked up with Dame Dash's DD172 label, and together they released [article id="1670918"]Pilot Talk[/article] and Pilot Talk II in 2010. According to TMZ, while both albums were released through Dash's label, the two had never reached a concrete agreement. Spitta then went ahead and signed with Warner Bros., where he dropped Weekend at Burnie's through his own imprint, Jet Life, in 2011.

Now Curren$y is demanding that Dame stop selling his LPs. Dash claims that he is well within his rights and that the rapper did in fact grant him permission, but a judge has yet to rule on the case. Even though the union is now marred in negativity, Curren$y contends that it was a learning experience. "With my last situation, I think I've learned more about the business," he said, referencing Dame's DD172. "I've learned more about the business through that prior situation."

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