Ariana Grande Had A Close Call, But Her Doctor Says She's A 'Bullet Proof Bitch'

But she's our 'bullet proof bitch.'

With pipes like Ariana Grande's you have to be careful how you treat your voice. Recently, pop artists like Meghan Trainor and Jess Glynne had to under vocal surgery and rest because of damage to their vocal cords. So after a major cold, Ariana thought she'd better make sure everything was OK, and, as it turns out, she was a little surprised by the outcome.

"despite being horribly sick my chords are pretty & perfectly healthy!" Ari wrote on Twitter late on Monday night. "No idea how but damn I'm thanking the heavens!! thank u lordtt!"

Praise hands. Praise hands. Praise hands.

"my doctor looked at my vocal chords today after a week of coughing and months straight of singing and called me a 'bullet proof bitch,'" she tweeted to fans' delight. Nothing's really ever stopped Grande from doing her thing anyway.

May I remind you of all the times Ariana Grande almost died? She's a survivor.

Our "bullet proof bitch" is continuing her Honeymoon Tour without any hiccups and will be playing in Mountain View, California tonight.

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