'True Blood' Vixen Michelle Forbes Talks About Maryanne: 'It Is Impossible For Me To See Her As A Villain'

But viewers aren't the only ones feeling icky at the thought of Maryann's literally heart-wrenching actions -- Michelle Forbes, who plays the "True Blood" villain, is equally terrified by the character's potential.

"Before I started the show at the end of last season and I was talking to a director, and we were chatting about how far we would go, and he said, 'You'll be asked to do things you've never been asked before,'" Forbes remembered in an interview with Sci Fi Wire. "I remember thinking, 'Yeah, sure.' I've been asked to do some pretty crazy things. I didn't take him seriously. But I opened that first episode for the second season and went 'Okayyy. Now I understand what he meant!'"

For Maryann, some of these crazy things include orchestrating massive acts of murder and sexual deviancy throughout the entirety of Bon Temps -- and even getting naked and violent herself.

"She loves her mischief and having her fun along the way," the actress described. "She has a different understanding of the world and this particular plane. She doesn't see an end in the road the way everyone else does, because she has no time constraints and no moral constraints. And in playing her it is impossible for me to see her as a villain."

That doesn't mean that Forbes found Maryann entirely easy to relate to -- in fact, some of her more villainous attributes were difficult for the actress to encompass.

"The thing that was the most difficult for me to settle into was Maryann's freedom," she said. "She has ultimate freedom, and strangely that's a very difficult thing to play. She has a different moral construct and a different construct altogether from the rest of us. She is not shackled by any of the things that we are shackled by."

What say you, "True Blood" fans? Are you terrified by Maryann Forrester or would you follow her viscious leadership without question? Let us know what you think of the maenad in the comments section!

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