Lil Baby And DaBaby Pay Homage To A Grotesque 'Scarface' Scene In 'Baby'

Warning: there are chainsaws here

Lil Baby and DaBaby — say that three times fast and your tongue will twist itself into the shape of a rotini pasta noodle — have released a new video for "Baby" that's funny, scary, and influenced by the classic gangster film, Scarface. When a lucrative and mysterious job offer gets thrown your way, you don't turn it down. Or maybe you do if "Baby" is trying to teach you a lesson, but we doubt it is. Just know what you're signing up for first before accepting any new position. You could be holding on to a suitcase full of who knows what.

It turns out, that's exactly what happens in "Baby." Lil Baby and DaBaby are two saps down on their luck, with Lil Baby, in particular, working in a kitchen getting verbally harassed by his manager. When a mysterious guy with a luxurious suit gives him a job offer, Lil Baby flings his work smock at his former manager's face at a hundred miles an hour, stepping into a world that he doesn't quite understand.

The next we see of Lil Baby and DaBaby (whom Lil Baby informs of the job opportunity), they're down in what looks like Miami, with a suitcase of something important for a transaction. It's safe to assume so because they have expensive and tacky outfits and a spoiled look on their faces. It's here that echoes of an infamously violent Scarface scene begin to unfold. While Lil Baby is ogling women from a lemon-yellow convertible, DaBaby is in a nearby hotel room, trying to buy some "product" from some buyers who eventually brandish weapons at him. If you've seen Scarface, you know that chainsaws come out and things get pretty dark.

Lucky for him, Lil Baby decides to come in and save the day in the most violent way imaginable. DaBaby escapes by the skin of his teeth and the two get away with the money and the product. That's the best possible ending that anyone could hope for.

"Baby" will appear on the forthcoming Quality Control record label compilation album, Quality Control: Control The Streets Volume 2, which comes out on August 16.

Watch Lil Baby and DaBaby live out a Scarface fantasy in "Baby" up above.

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