One Direction's 'Steal My Girl' Video Features Danny DeVito... What!?

Also, there's a monkey!

Did you see all of those photos One Direction released today (October 10) from the set of the "Steal My Girl" music video? Of course you did. But, did you happen to notice the short balding man all up in their business? You guys, that's Danny DeVito. He's basically the king of Hollywood comedy, and he's in a freaking 1D music video. Legendary, much?

Niall Horan knows what's up. The Irish dreamboat threw this photo up on Twitter, declaring his own fanboy status for the big Double D. "Can't believe that Hollywood royalty Danny DeVito is in the 'Steal My Girl' video!" he wrote.

DeVito himself later shared his escapades on the video set, where he had to introduce his infamous social media alter ego "Troll Foot." (Which is, yes, the actor's foot.)

"Oh so you wanna meet Trollfoot?" the Italian legend teased, with a follow up of the boys all pointing in shock and awe at meeting the five-toed monster.

The New Jersey native also shared another Troll Foot set adventure with Louis Tomlinson and a monkey. So, apparently there will be a monkey in the video! Yay!

If your memory hasn't jogged just yet, here's a little primer on who Mr. DeVito is (besides the most awesome person in the world):

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia"

You may have just realized that DeVito stars as Frank Reynolds, father of two and master manipulator on "Always Sunny."


DeVito is personally known to the '90s kids as Mr. Wormwood, the shady car salesman and undeserving father in "Matilda."


Way back before you were even conceived of (like, 1978), DeVito was bringing down the house as Louie De Palma, the unscrupulous dispatcher in the sitcom "Taxi."

1D's "Steal My Girl" music video is set to drop this Sunday (October 12).