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Eminem Or Sticky Fingaz? Who Had The Better Verse On 'Remember Me' [Poll]

The choice is yours.

Eminem is one of hip-hop's greatest lyrical titans, and while you'll surely find a detractor or two, his skills rarely come up for debate.

The multiplatinum MC has starred alongside the likes of Jay Z, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne, but when it comes to "Remember Me?," his 2000 collaboration with Onyx's Sticky Fingaz, at least one will argue that Slim Shady got out-shinned.

"I think Sticky bodied the n---a, personally, but it was a good record," Onyx MC Fredro Starr told UK-based site IllWill.Co.UK in a video interview that was posted to YouTube on Monday.

"Remember Me?," from Em's classic The Marshall Mathers LP, featured former Death Row rapper RBX and Sticky, as well as a closing 16 from Slim.

"When I go out, I'ma go out shooting/ I don't mean when I die, I mean when I go to the club stupid," Em rapped over a dark and moody Dr. Dre beat.

A foul-mouthed Marshall continued to spew violent bars aimed at his daughter's mother and flicks a verbal middle finger to then-president Bill Clinton.

Sticky approached his verse a bit differently, mostly puffing his chest. "Better come better than better to be a competitor," he warned.

"It was a competitive record and that's what hip-hop is about," Fredro said. "That's what hip-hop need to go back to."

There is no doubt Sticky's performance was competitive, but we can't decide who was best, so we'll leave it to you.