'The Fairly OddParents': Meet Spunky Chloe Carmichael In This First Look Clip

The popular cartoon turns 15 this year.

Nickelodeon's long-running show "The Fairly OddParents" proudly kicks off its tenth season this Friday, Jan. 15 at 7:30 PM, and features a brand new main character.

Back in August, MTV News exclusively revealed Timmy Turner's adorable new classmate Chloe Carmichael (voiced by Kari Wahlgren). Cute as a button, Chloe is about to become a huge part of Timmy's life, but not because she goes to school with him. Nope, Chloe will actually be sharing Timmy's fairy godparents Cosmo and Wanda.

As someone who's had his fairy godparents all to himself since 2001 — yes, Butch Hartman's cartoon turns 15 this year — I highly doubt this "sharing" concept will go over smoothly with the pink hat-wearing 10-year-old.


The Fairly OddParents

The first episode of Season 10, titled "The Big Fairy Share Scare," introduces us to Chloe, who wants to use the magic for good. Therefore, the little girl "wishes everyone in Dimmsdale would share everything, and chaos ensues," according to Nickelodeon. We're sure this is only the tip of the iceberg for wishes gone amuck in the twenty-episode season.

In this first look clip, we see Chloe's entertaining, and somewhat bizarre, reaction to learning she has fairy godparents. Check it out below.

But exactly why does Chloe need fairy godparents? Kids only get them if their life is miserable, so what's Chloe's backstory? Timmy's parents are as neglectful and absent-minded as they come, so surely Chloe's parents won't be any worse than that. I guess we'll find out Jan. 15 when Cosmo and Wanda's wish load doubles!

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