Party Like It’s 2007, Because Aly & AJ Are Making New Music

Time for more chemicals to react

Aly & AJ, the sisterly duo who brought us ‘00s gems like "Potential Breakup Song," "Like Whoa," and "Chemicals React," are returning to the music scene. Aly Michalka shared a pic on Instagram earlier this week with the caption, ""Back in the studio with this one ⬅️," pointing directly at her sister, AJ Michalka. They later tweeted about their return, too.

The duo's last album as Aly & AJ, Insomniatic, was released back in 2007, but two years later, the pair switched monikers, became 78violet and released a single called "Hothouse" in 2013. 78violet never officially released an album, though a proposed full-length did leak online in 2014. Eventually, the sisters returned as Aly & AJ in December 2015.

Both girls are still heavily involved with acting — with Aly on iZombie and AJ on The Goldbergs — but with summer coming up, it looks like they'll be able to devote uninterrupted time to their music. And honestly, we can't wait.

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