The 9 Best and Buzziest Bits from 'Peter Pan Live!'

Allison Williams may ordinarily be one of the "Girls," but thanks to tonight's lead performance for NBC's "Peter Pan Live!" she has also officially become the kid who can fly - albeit with pretty obvious levers and strings - and who never has to grow up. So, how did it go?

Well, with the help of Christopher Walken and a whole gaggle of other stage crooners, we got to trek out to Never Never Land from the comfort of our couches, and neither the sniveling Mr. Smee nor Hook himself could thwart all the childhood fancy and merriment they were throwing down so badly it was good tonight.

And while we would still definitely never smile at a crocodile, we totally got the grins about all these great parts of the show.

9. Daddy Darling.

First thing's first: Mr. Darling was a grump in the beginning. Like super duper grumpy. Basically, Grumpy Cat could just go home because it had nothing on this sourpuss. Whether he was complaining about his neck tie that wouldn't tie around his neck or putting poor Nana out or spitting about all the "poppycock" of his home life -- and he is the master of his house, so he says -- it was easy to imagine why his kids would want to take off to a land of whimsy instead of hanging around to see what he'd spout off about next. That said, he was also ridiculously quotable -- somebody fix up a hashtag for the guy already.

In other news, the internet was also really ticked that he wasn't played by the same guy as Hook because tradition (and also psychology?).

8. Nana the Dog. Arf.

Unlike the classic animated Disney and previous live variations of "Pan," Nana the Dog was portrayed by a seriously adorable sheep dog (as opposed to a person in costume, obvs). Yep. And a "Good Nana" it was.

In "Live!" Nana was portrayed by a real-life pup named Bowdie who hid any stage fright well between the fluffy coat and moved on cue.

Lingering question: Can the dog take a bow on all four legs?

7. Tiny Tinkerbell.

While Peter's "shadow" (not to be mistaken with Williams' actual shadow which was inadvertently in view for much of the scene) might have looked a little like some limp bit of hosiery, the producers clearly got creative with the introduction of our little fairy friend as she flitted through the nursery via computer gen. If this were a movie, they could've shrunken her down to size a la Julia Roberts in "Hook," but they worked with what they had here.

Note: It was especially fun when they broke down the fourth wall to get some audience assistance from the kids in the crowd to help in "saving Tink" even though, erm, it was way past most kids' bedtimes (especially since it was a school night, ya'll).

6. Look Ma! No Strings! Oh wait.

The Darling children took flight quite a bit during the show, and even though they looked like a pack of flailing marionettes at times, no one fell or got tangled up, so that was win in and of itself.

Plus, there was that twirly thing Pan did during the hilariously bad fight scene with Hook at the end there, no?

5. Lost Boys -- Er, Men.

The Lost Boys were hardly boys, for starters. Without the hats and festive leather pants, the pirates might've been indistinguishable, actually. And when they were off prancing through the rose-leafed forest with Tiger Lily, the scene looked like some trippy mix between "Alice in Wonderland," "Newsies" and Minecraft.

So naturally, Twitter had a lot to say about this. A sampling:

4. Can't Get Friendly with a Crocodile.

Shortly after Captain Hook was playing with a steaming mushroom of some sort, this showed up.

We'll just let you do the math on that one.

The reptile was a lot scarier with the off-screen "tick tock"-ing, but the visuals were a hot mess.

3. Allison Williams puts the AW in Awesome.

Considering Williams has been sporting her Pan green leotards since she was just a pint-sized little thing (Exhibit A: This Instagram pic), she's essentially been cut out for this job since infancy.

And she had just the right amount of wonder and animation left all these years later to pull it off.

2. Minnie Driver Trolled Everybody.

About halfway through the show everyone started to wonder when the British star would show up on the small screen.

Everyone was, like, really confused.

Driver, meanwhile, found this hilarious and started live-tweeting her own absence from the program.

She eventually showed up as Adult Wendy and owned, of course, but for an Oscar-nominated marquee name her screen time was ... pretty limited.

1. Walkenhook.

The one-handed pirate's life was obviously meant to be for Christopher Walken. Sure, he took a more subdued approach to the crocodile and children-hating YoHoHo-er, but those booties sure were becoming. And who didn't love his ship shimmy? Every time he was on it was like one of his iconic moments on "SNL" - especially when he whipped out the tambourine, which might as well have been a cowbell. Also, we quite enjoyed those accidental mid-commercial snippets of him randomly singing at the top of his lungs out of sequence.

(PS: "Walken the Plank" is already a thing now. Thanks internet!)

Walken the Plank - Christopher Walken as Captain Hook in Peter Pan Live