You Did It, True Believers: 'Avengers: Endgame' Is Now The Highest-Grossing Film Ever

A superpowered milestone

It finally happened. Avengers: Endgame has finally surpassed James Cameron's Avatar as the highest-grossing film in history.

The time-traveling superhero epic earned an estimated $2.79 billion in revenue around the world in just 13 weeks, which has finally edged it over the line to beat Avatar's $2.789 billion, according to The Associated Press. With this latest development, Avatar has been dethroned after an entire decade of sitting atop the charts.

Marvel head Kevin Feige took to Twitter to celebrate the milestone from San Diego Comic-Con, thanking fans for making the movie such a success.

The movie's next milestone? Becoming the highest-grossing domestic film of all time. Currently, Star Wars: The Force Awakens holds that record, sitting at $936.6 million. Right now, Endgame is hovering around $83 million short of reaching that goal, according to Deadline – but that certainly could change.

Much of this success can be owed to a new version of the movie that debuted in theaters, which included few deleted scenes at its conclusion, a tribute to the legendary Stan Lee, and a post-credits scene that fans definitely had to stay after the movie to catch. Avengers: Endgame with expanded content opened on June 28, letting the new totals begin rolling in following that, and it seems to have been enough to put it over the edge at long last.

Disney co-chairman and chief creative officer Alan Horn also shared words of encouragement and appreciation to the teams that made all of this possible in a statement.

“A huge congratulations to the Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Studios teams, and thank you to the fans around the world who lifted Avengers: Endgame to these historic heights,”

With this accomplishment, Disney can now give itself a pat on the back. A mind-blowing 7 of the top 10 highest-grossing films ever belong to the House of Mouse. And with an upcoming slate of movies like what was just shared during SDCC 2019, it looks like it's only up for here when it comes to super-powered success. It truly is the age of the superhero, after all.