Eddie Murphy Addresses 'Batman 3' Riddler Rumor On 'The Tonight Show'

However, on last night's episode of "The Tonight Show," host Conan O'Brien brought up the rumor once again, and asked Murphy if there were any characters he would like to bring to the screen. The comedian's answer was, appropriately enough, pretty darn funny.

"I heard that rumor as well. I don't know anything about it," said Murphy, quickly adding, "But I would love to be in one of those Batman movies."

While he praised Jim Carrey's portrayal of Edward "The Riddler" Nigma in 1995's "Batman Forever," Murphy seemed to indicate that he wasn't interested in playing a character who has already been brought to the screen in recent Batman movies. Instead, he joked that he'd like to play Egghead, the campy 1960s "Batman" television series villain previously played by horror legend Vincent Price.

"All the egg refences!" laughed Murphy, doing his best impression of Price's performance. "Egg-cellent! Egg-squisite! ... They'll never crack this hard-boiled case!"

Is there anyone you'd like to see Eddie Murphy play in a Batman movie? Let us know in the comment section!

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