Nick Jonas Can't Stop Talking About Body-Swapping With The Rock

You might say Jonas is 'jealous' of the actor

Nick Jonas really, really wants to be Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and he has now discussed this on at least two occasions. (This may explain why he's so good at identifying The Rock's body parts.)

After getting to know his co-star while filming Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle, Jonas told The Hollywood Reporter that he'd love to switch lives with the action superstar, but not just because of his impressive career path. "It goes beyond just the work he does on screen. He really applies himself in every aspect and has done an incredible job of making every environment on set, the press tours, whatever it is, something where everyone feels important and valued. That goes a long way with people," Jonas said.

The gushing didn't end there. Jonas continued, "In addition to that, he's incredibly charismatic. With this role in particular you believe the whole time that he is this 17-year-old kid. He has these little nuances within the performance that really shine through and help tell the story in a subtle way in moments, but then brings it to the bigger scale of everything too. He stays completely true."

Previously, the Golden Globe nominee told THR that he also wants to know what it's like to have the 2016 Sexiest Man Alive's incredibly muscular physique. "I would just lift shit all the time, just pick it up and throw it around. It'd be amazing to be that big," Jonas said.

Jonas's three-prong admiration — attitude, ability, and appearance — isn't completely unrequited. After Jumanji's premiere in Berlin, The Rock called Jonas as a "good boy" on Instagram — despite the singer's penchant for tequila and bad words.