This Was Rich Homie Quan’s Reaction To Young Thug Calling Him ‘Bitch Homie Quan'

RHQ was 'hurt' but says Thugger is his 'brother for life.'

Young Thug made headlines by referring to his longtime friend and collaborator Rich Homie Quan as "Bitch Homie Quan" during a March concert. How did Quan respond?

"My first reaction was, ‘My brother called me bitch?’” Quan explained to ESPN’s “Highly Questionable.” "To be honest, not to get in my feelings, it hurt. Not hurt as in I’m gonna cry, but dog, bro, I would never disrespect you, point blank period, especially when we have each other’s numbers.

"There’s certain stuff you do and certain stuff you don’t do,” Quan continued. "It’s a certain way you do things. That’s not one of the ways I would’ve done it.”

Despite this incident, Quan said that that he harbors no ill will towards Thugger.

"He’ll always be my brother for life,” Quan said when asked about his relationship with Thug. "No hard feelings. We both went to middle school together. We live in Atlanta. Right now, it’s just a lot going on.

"I’m still the same Quan,” he added. "I’ve never said anything to trash Thug or banish his name. That’s not what I come from. I’m all about giving and blessings. I wish Thug the best of success."

In September, Birdman told MTV News why he felt RHQ and Young Thug were such a great duo. “I just thought by them being together, it would be a stronger impact and then they still can do their solo things,” he said.

That same month, they worked together on Rich Gang: Tha Tour, Pt. 1.

Months later, it seemed things went south. Quan announced that he'd be distancing himself from Rich Gang in February. “I’ve stepped away from the Rich Gang a little bit to focus on myself to get back to Quan," he said at the time. "These people want Quan back."

In March, Thug said he wasn't beefing with Quan despite the "Bitch Homie Quan" statement.

Now it looks like we won't be getting their next collaborative project anytime soon.

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