PSA: Do Not Buy Jelly Shoes This Summer

If you spend any time trolling online stores—fun, right??—you may have noticed a recent resurgence of jelly shoes. While I, a fellow fan of online shopping, have felt the temptation of the colorful, sparkly, and summery footwear, I am here to warn you—do not buy these shoes.


Jelly Sandals

Yes, they look cute and come in colors to match—or clash with, IDK, up to you—all of your outfits. Yes, they can add a little ~sparkle~ to your look, but believe me, there are a number of issues that will arise and plague your feet all summer if you decide to add 'em to your wardrobe.

A few things to keep in mind:

Your feet will smell worse than they've ever smelled.


Emma Stone

Jelly shoes are made out of plastic which, you may have noticed, doesn't exactly, um, breathe. Your feet, in turn, sweat and, then smell—bad. Like, really bad.

They are so, so slippery.


Parks & Rec

You know the aforementioned sweat? Yeah, that sits and pools in your shoes which, obviously, makes them incredibly slippery. Even in the flat ones—yeah, heeled and platform ones exist now—the risk of totally slipping around in them and injuring yourself is pretty high.

Blisters are inevitable.


Emma Watson

All that slippin' around can only mean one thing—your feet will be covered in blisters. Fast. Whether your heel gets irritated from the strap or your toes are squished and rubbed into raw, li'l nubs, you'll wear these bad boys once and then think about laying off for a while (or forever).

Watch out for pebbles, OR ELSE!!!!!!


Jennifer Lawrence

The holes in the front of the shoes may not let air in, but they definitely let pebbles in. If one slips through a hole, prepare to have a very painful surprise on the bottom of your foot.

Good luck out there, pals—just remember, jelly sandals are cute but, well, so are a lot of other shoes.

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