Logan Lerman Would Totally Be A 'Dick' To Play Han Solo

So, are there any truth to those Han Solo rumors?

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Hollywood is currently looking for a young, scruffy-looking Nerfherder for the the upcoming, untitled Han Solo standalone film set before "A New Hope." Disney and Lucasfilm reportedly have narrowed down their short-list of young Han Solos to just about a dozen actors, and while the studio has yet to make its decision, whoever it is will have some pretty big boots to fill.

MTV News caught up with Logan Lerman ("Indignation") and Jack Reynor ("Sing Street"), two actors reportedly on the aforementioned short-list, at the Sundance Film Festival on Sunday (Jan. 24) and we couldn't let them leave our snowy, cold creek without asking about these Han Solo rumors. While neither actor confirmed their involvement in the untitled Phil Lord and Chris Miller project, they did weigh in on the pressure of portraying a beloved character like Han.

"We're talking about Harrison Ford. He's no chump," Reynor said. "You can't do an imitation. You can't try and just emulate what that is. It's got to be something new. It's also got to be something that the audience is going to respond to."

That being said, getting the opportunity to play the coolest guy in the galaxy, and drive the Millennium Falcon, "would be kind of an incredible gig to get," Reynor added.

Meanwhile, Lerman would take a different approach. "I don't think I'd be intimidated," the 24-year-old said. "It would just be fun." And despite what you may think of Lerman's innocent charms, the actor said he'd have no problem being a "dick" to get into character.

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