'Catfish' Poll: Did Solana Choose The Right Guy?

After a night of soul searching, the decision seemed clear to her. But was it to you?

Let's put it this way: If you're still in touch with someone you met on MySpace, there's no denying you've built a real, enduring connection.

On tonight's "Catfish" episode, Solana, an aesthetician from Delaware, reached out to Nev and Max about a 20-year-old named Elijah, whom she'd met as a teen years earlier on the social networking site. It only took about a month for Solana to realize Elijah was the perfect guy, and in the chaos of her parents' divorce, he was a compassionate, reliable constant. But one day, Solana got the rug pulled out from beneath her -- Elijah's profile had suddenly disappeared without explanation, and she had no way to reach him.

Years later, around the time Solana began dating a kindhearted guy named Danny, Elijah mysteriously got in touch with Solana again, this time through Facebook. She was reluctant to hear him out, but he insisted his feelings were still the same -- and that his mother had forced him to delete his profile, as she was wary of the bond he'd built with a stranger. This, paired with the fact that Elijah said he didn't have a phone and could only communicate via Facebook Messenger and a text app, seemed like mounting evidence that he was, more or less, a fraud.

To finally get some closure, Solana, Nev and Max made their way to chilly Minnesota to meet up with Solana's longtime chat pal. Because Danny believed the journey would help his girlfriend get closure -- plus he wasn't completely convinced Elijah was real -- he was supportive of the expedition. But when Solana finally arrived to Elijah's house, she, Nev and Max were shocked to find Elijah was real (and, even more surprisingly, that he really didn't have a phone).


In spite of some adrenaline-fueled shakiness, Solana and Elijah seemed enamored with each other. When Elijah suggested they get complementary lion tattoos on their shoulder blades to commemorate their shared journey, she jumped at the chance. Still, the choice between Elijah and Danny weighed heavily on her heart, and she spent the night pondering who truly made her happy.

In the end, Solana explained -- through a beautiful journal entry -- that Danny was the one for her. "I, for the first time, am falling in love," she proclaimed.

The "Catfish" experience registered even more deeply with Solana than the guys first realized, as she revealed during a catch-up interview weeks later that she and Danny had gone to the local courthouse to get married! Yet beneath the lovely dress Solana wore while exchanging vows, the lion on her shoulder continued to prowl. Is it proof that Elijah will always be with her -- or a reminder of the decision some would call impetuous? Do you think she made the right choice? Take our poll!

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