'Nasty Woman': Here's How MTV's First Ladies Define Trump's Now-Infamous Term

The women from 'Loosely Exactly Nicole,' 'Mary + Jane' and 'Sweet/Vicious' aren't happy (obvi)

When Donald Trump uttered "such a nasty woman" under his breath about Hillary Clinton during the final presidential debate, the statement (understandably) sparked a tremendous reaction. Ardent Clinton supporter Katy Perry donned a T-shirt with the slogan (see it below) and sales for Janet Jackson's hit "Nasty" soared on Spotify, to name just two examples of the after-effect.

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Katy Perry Campaigns For Hillary Clinton And Promotes Early Voting In Nevada

And so it seemed fitting that a bunch of MTV's finest ladies from female-led programming --- Loosely Exactly Nicole, Mary + Jane and Sweet/Vicious -- sounded off on how they would define the term. Their wide-ranging answers are below, organized by the diverse series:

Loosely Exactly Nicole

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MTV Press Junket in New York City

"I think a nasty woman is a woman who doesn't say no -- she doesn't back down. She's smart, she's overqualified. She lets red-faced idiots speak and waits her f*cking turn. Truly. When he called her a nasty woman, I was like, 'I can't believe my ears and eyes!' It was wild." -Nicole Byer

Mary + Jane

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MTV Press Junket in New York City

"First of all, Miss Janet. But to me, a nasty woman is just a woman who is claiming the negative things that men stigmatize women's bodies and personalities for doing and just being like, 'Yeah sure, you want to call my existence nasty?'" -Scout Durwood

"It's ownership, but I also love that I feel like what nasty woman meant a few weeks ago and what it means now are completely different things. Now you want to wear a shirt that says 'nasty woman' on it." -Jessica Rothe


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MTV Press Junket in New York City

"My favorite response to his rhetoric is actually what our writer Jared wrote. And he wrote, 'The pussy grabs back.' And to me, that says everything. I know girls using the c-word endearingly to each other now -- I don't know how I feel about it, to be honest. But it's time for us to stand up, and I think we're doing a pretty damn good job this election season." -Taylor Dearden

"My definition of a nasty woman is a woman that doesn't take no sh*t from nobody. I have been called all of the things in the book -- and every time it happens, all I hear is that I'm doing something right because someone feels threatened by something that I have done. I think Tina Fey said it best years ago, when Hillary Clinton was running the first time: 'Bitches get sh*t done.' Call me whatever you want, because I'm over here getting that job done." -Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, creator and executive producer

"It's really nice to re-appropriate that line and say we're proud to be nasty women. We're strong and we have a lot of strong women on the show, so we're proud of that." -Amanda Lasher, executive producer

What is your take on the term "nasty woman"? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to catch the season finale of Loosely Exactly Nicole on Friday at 10/9c, keep watching Mary + Jane on Mondays at 10/9c and make sure to tune in to the series premiere of Sweet/Vicious on November 15 at 10/9c.

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