Miley Celebrates Mac Viva Glam Launch With Giant Pizza Because She Gets It

Yesterday, MAC released a video for their Viva Glam campaign featuring Miley Cyrus. To celebrate the press day, Miley, a national hero, did what we all would do, should we land a huge cosmetics campaign—order a giant pizza.

Miley, in a shiny Ashish gingham skirt and croptop, posed next to a large—and I mean, large—pizza from Big Mama's and Papa's Pizzeria. Thanks to my eagle eye and penchant for investigative journalism, I found the pizzeria's offerings and am willing to guess this is a 36" pizza. It looks like it has pepperoni on it, but Big Mama's and Papa's offers many toppings, so could be an exotic pizza, IDK.

While later in the night Miley pondered whether she should grow her hair out, at the Viva Glam event it was short, platinum, and very glossy.

Viva Glam is available now, but, sadly, that giant pizza is only available if you're in L.A.

UPDATE (1/22/15, 6:00 p.m. ET):

Getty Images

Miley Cyrus

We finally got a better look at the pizza and—whoa—it's even better than we imagined. Behold it in all its pepperoni and Viva Glam glory.

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