Josh Peck’s New Movie Is Basically An R-Rated Version Of 'Drake & Josh'

Watch the drug- and sex-fueled ‘Take the 10’ trailer

Drake & Josh fans who grew up watching Josh Peck might want to sit down before watching the trailer for his latest project. In Netflix's Take the 10, Peck and Tony Revolori play two pals who fall into crime while traveling together.

Sound familiar? This is the premise of the 2006 TV movie Drake & Josh Go Hollywood, except Netflix's adventure involves a lot more sex and drugs than Nickelodeon's did. [Note: Nickelodeon and MTV News are both owned by Viacom.]

In the Drake & Josh movie, the two brothers visit Los Angeles and accidentally get wrapped up in a counterfeit money scheme. (Don't you hate when that happens?) In Take the 10, Peck and Revolori's characters are en route to a concert when they encounter bullets and what appears to be a very angry drug dealer.

Yep, that's Josh Peck offering to "perform sexual favors" and talking about his favorite types of porn in the trailer above. Josh Nichols (and Oprah!) would probably be appalled. Take the 10 premieres January 20 on Netflix.