Tom Hardy Is Coming To TV And His Show Sounds Unbelievably Badass

I need 'Taboo' now.

Tom Hardy is one of the very few actors right now that gets an automatic view from me for whatever he does. The guy is never not interesting. Take "Locke" for example. The Steven Knight movie took place entirely in a car, with Hardy as the only on-screen character, and it was one of the best movies the year.

So to say that I'm excited to see what the actor and director team have in store for their upcoming TV series, "Taboo," would be a serious understatement.

Deadline just broke the news that FX has picked up "Taboo," and it will likely air in mid-2016. This is very cool news since we had only previously heard about BBC One airing the drama series, so now it's confirmed for an official stateside debut. And I haven't even mentioned the story yet.

Hardy stars as the lead, James Keziah Delaney, an early 19th-century adventurer who returns to England from Africa with "14 ill-gotten diamonds" and a hankering for revenge. Knight, Hardy and Hardy's dad wrote the story together.

Production on "Taboo" is expected to begin sometime in 2015. Until then, check out "Peaky Blinders" on Netflix. (Hardy joins the cast in season two.)