Adele's Makeup Artist Answers Our Prayers, Drops Eyeliner Tutorial


If you're a human who loves eyeliner, Adele probably tops your liner goals list. I looooove a good liner and have dedicated long hours to YouTube videos and standing in front of mirrors in hope that one day the secret to that perfect cat eye flick will just, like, come to me.

Well, I don't have to merely hope any longer (πŸ™) β€” her makeup artist, Michael Ashton, just dropped a tutorial with step-by-step instructions for recreating her iconic ~lashes and liner~ look.

Unsurprisingly, achieving such perfection doesn't come easily β€” multiple liners, false eyelashes, and a very steady hand are required. Ashton's instructions and suggestions are so detailed, though, that I have convinced myself that with the right brushes and dedication, I will be a winged liner pro soon.

Here are a few essential GIFs to help guide you:

Adele tutorial

Begin with a gel liner β€” the first application is just about getting the color on the eye. You don't have to be precise.

Adele tutorial

Add the flick using more gel liner. Isn't this mesmerizing?

Adele tutorial

Thicken the line with the same gel, but pull it from the opposite direction.

Adele tutorial

Layer liquid liner on top of the gel liner β€” it adds a sheen that ties the whole thing together.

Ashton also details how he achieves Adele's flawless skin, which may not be as memorable as that liner, but, LBR, shouldn't be overlooked.

BRB, gotta go transform into Adele.

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