Dylan And Cole Sprouse Finally Joined Facebook — But Not For The Reason You Think

Being a celebrity can have its downsides

Most celebs create a Facebook page as another way to engage with their fans, because sometimes, Twitter's 140 character limit simply doesn't cut it. While Dylan and Cole Sprouse will communicate with fans via their brand new Facebook accounts, they also had another reason for signing up.

Dylan joined first and is now verified, while Cole joined shortly after. Both were sick of the fake accounts run by imposters, using Facebook to trick people into thinking they were actually Dylan or Cole.

The final straw for Dylan came from seeing one too many Hallmark-esque clichés.

The imposter was "posting really cliché, horrible posts, like 'Live, laugh, love' and things like, 'Not all who wander are lost.'" It worked out that all the people who were followers of Imposter Dylan were then transferred to Real Dylan.

And his posts are random AF, but hilarious nonetheless.

For example, his current cover photo is a screenshot of a Google search for "pure ranch dressing." LOL.

There's this throwback pic, complete with Hawaiian shirts.

Seriously, they were really into Hawaiian shirts back in the day.

And just overall weird posts.

Of course, he did ask fans, "What are the most ridiculous and bizarre accounts I can befriend so I can be sure to plague my feed with scum, making all who follow me question my sanity?" He's already followed Sonic the Hedgehog erotic fan fiction, apparently. I mean, to each his own, I guess.

While Cole's Facebook account isn't verified yet, it's definitely his this time, because he's mentioned it on his verified Twitter account.

Like his bro, Cole eradicated an imposter because he didn't like what he or she was posting, putting words in Cole's mouth.

"The imposter who previously ran the Cole Sprouse official Facebook was speaking on my behalf, with opinions I didn't share, and this is a dangerous thing as a public figure," Cole wrote.

So, he decided to get in front of any potential negative press that could've resulted from something Imposter Cole said. It's unclear what Imposter Cole posted that prompted Real Cole to "cannibalize" the account, but we're just glad he's finally on Facebook, even though the reason is a little depressing.

Earlier this year, Cole tweeted he doesn't have a Facebook account.

He even pinned this tweet for a little while. Moreover, Dylan tweeted about Cole's lack of Facebook on April 3, before his bro succumbed to the older social media.

Since he literally just joined, he hasn't shared a lot of content yet, but his cover photo is just as WTF as Dylan's.

Never change, Cole, nor you, Dylan.

Welcome to the magical, bizarre, and (many times) frustrating world of Facebook, guys. Mark Zuckerberg is pleased, I'm sure.


Dylan and Cole Sprouse

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