The Daily Geek: Klingon Karaoke, J.J. On Jar Jar, And More

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- HICHOP! Stop everything and watch this forever.

- THE BLUTHS ARE BACK! Okay, I'm officially sold on the new "Arrested Development."

- WALMART OF STEEL! Get your advance tickets to see "Man of Steel" at the superstore.

- MURDOCK'S MOVIE ROLE? How could Daredevil fit in with the rest of the Marvel movie gang?

- NO COMMENT ON JAR JAR! J.J. is staying quiet on the Jar Jar front.

- THERE WILL BE A NEW ROBIN! Pete Tomasi says having another Boy (or Girl) of Wonder is a guarantee, but who will it be?

- MUST READ! Paul Schrader talks the future after a screening of "Taxi Driver."

- IN THE WAKE OF VERONICA! Zach Braff launched a Kickstarter yesterday and made a zillion dollars!

- WILL'S WAR! Will from MoviePilot says there must be a "Hellboy 3"!

'Til tomorrow, gang!


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