This LEGO Batman Tumbler Will Be Comic-Con's Hottest Toy

Everything is Gotham.

If your LEGO-related fantasies just haven't been complete without the latest onscreen version of the Batmobile — or a man with a Glasgow smile and a purple suit to chase with it — then get ready for your little plastic Gotham to get the hero vehicle it deserves.

According to USA Today, a LEGO set featuring Batman's Tumbler from "The Dark Knight" will be on display at Comic Con starting this Wednesday, heralding its availability for purchase come fall.

Boasting "an armored exterior, adjustable wings, a detailed interior (with a console screen that reads 'INTIMIDATE') and oversized rubber-tread tires," the 15-inch-long Tumbler will be big and heavy enough to realistically blast through just about any wall in a shower of flying LEGO bricks, while you yell, "WHERE ARE THEY?!" in your best Batman growl. Included within the Tumbler set are action figures from "The Dark Knight," including a Joker modeled after Heath Ledger in his Oscar-winning performance, complete with facial scarring and forehead wrinkles.


LEGO Tumbler

The Tumbler will be on display at Comic Con through July 27, but won't go on sale until September, which gives LEGO enthusiasts plenty of time to scrape together the $199 it'll cost to purchase the set... and to emotionally ready themselves for the daunting task of assembling its just-under-2000 monochrome pieces.

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