27 Tweets That Prove Demi Lovato Is The Pumpkin Queen

Demi lurves Halloween.

Halloween is the best holiday -- hands down. And if you're one of those people who loves it as much as Demi Lovato does, then we should be best friends (call me *wink*).

For real. Demi LOVES Halloween -- so much so that she spouts her appreciation for it year 'round. Here are DD's best tweets about our fave spooky-scary day:

Halloween is a time to bust out puns.

More puns. Oh, Demetria.

OK, this is just terrifying... and I love it.

Sometimes intense love for Halloween is frustrating.

Been there.

Ugh. So relatable!

AHHHHHHHH! Demi, you scared me.

Every year, man. Every year.

Give yourself a reason to be spooked!

...Unless it's too real.

Pumpkin spice candles are a complete must.

You can even like Halloween if you don't go to a party.

Maybe this is why Halloween is so beloved?

Haunted houses are v necessary.

When you get a sugar high from all that candy...

The struggle is real.

Pirate is always a good go-to.

When in doubt, be a celebrity dressed as a celebrity.

Getting creepy with the fam.

Halloween love runs deep with Demi.

I'm gonna wear Devonne by Demi for Halloween.

When you love Halloween, and you want your fans to too.

I told you -- EVERY year.

Your makeup is exquisite, dahhhhling.

I just peed my pants.

Good question.

I feel you.


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