Anne Hathaway Thrilled To Be 'Singled Out' By Golden Globes

Instead of being invited as part of a nominated film, 'Rachel Getting Married' actress earns her own way to awards show.

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Last year, [movieperson id="257378"]Anne Hathaway[/movieperson] proved that whatever kind of script you throw at her; she's willing to make it work. She can be funny in a blockbuster comedy or tackle more serious issues, like she did for her [article id="1601116"]Golden Globe-nominated[/article] turn in [article id="1596266"]"Rachel Getting Married."[/article]

But before she became a drama queen in "Rachel," she talked a bit about how adapting the legendary TV show "Get Smart" wasn't about making fun of it, but instead embracing its wacky and inherently comedic roots.

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"I think Austin Powers is more of a complete spoof of [the spy genre]. We're not really spoofing it; we're just being a little silly with it," [article id="1584611"]she told MTV News[/article]. "We're trying to make it funny, but none of our characters know that they're in a comedy. We take our jobs very seriously. ... That's the way we roll."

Hathaway always seems to play the good girl or the girl next door in a lot of her roles, but in her critically acclaimed role in "Rachel," she plays a girl who has been to rehab too many times to count and returns home for her sister's wedding. It was a challenge she was ready to take on.

"I wanted the part because I thought, 'What would it be like to have a manipulative streak a mile wide that you're completely not aware of?' " she told The New York Times of the role. "Yes, she is narcissistic -- downright selfish, in fact -- but she is actually being the best version of herself she can in every situation, and it's not for me to judge her for it."

She also sees her nomination as a step forward in her career, allowing her to show everyone that she has acting chops to play more than just princesses. And perhaps this year's Globes can be her time to shine. "I haven't attended that many awards shows in my life," she said of her nomination. "The Golden Globes: I've [only] been [there as] part of a film that's been nominated -- that's actually the only time I've gone."

But now it's her time to shine. "It's very exciting to be singled out for an individual performance," she told the Los Angeles Times. "That hasn't happened to me very much in my career."

Hathaway's 2009 is already off to a great start, with the release of "Bride Wars," her bridezilla comedy with Kate Hudson. She's also expected to be hard at work filming her role as the White Queen in Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland," as well as "The Fiance." Between "Rachel," "Bride Wars" and "The Fiance," we just hope that Hathaway doesn't get typecast into films about weddings -- but if it ain't broke ...

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