'Teen Wolf' Throwback: We're Obsessing Over All 5 Season Premieres (For The Nostalgia)

We must 'remember'


As evidenced by Lydia's panicked, raspy voice, it's the ongoing theme throughout both Season 6 Teen Wolf trailers. As we head into the final round (we hate typing those words), it's a voice we've come to know all too well throughout five suspense-filled seasons.

The voice of distress. The voice of fear. The voice of a banshee telling us to REMEMBER, warning us that "something worse than death is coming."

As we impatiently wait for November 15 to roll around (get a peek at what's to come in the trailer above), let us take a look back at all five season premieres. Maybe they'll tell us something about what destruction will soon befall Beacon Hills, or maybe they won't — but at least they'll help us remember.

Season 1

All it took was stumbling upon a mysterious corpse (Derek's sister, Laura Hale) and a bite from an Alpha (Peter Hale) to set Scott and Co. on a journey of epic proportions. In the series premiere that got us all hooked just over five years ago, we saw Scott's identity progress from your average high school lacrosse player to a werewolf of extreme strength and lightning-fast abilities. His initial pack also took shape — Stiles, Allison, Lydia and Jackson — and we were introduced to the beautiful beginnings of Scallison (R.I.P.), despite her werewolf-hunting ancestry.

Season 2

After getting bitten by the now (seemingly) dead Peter Hale, Lydia discovered that she is immune to the bite of an Alpha, and instead, began suffering from bizarre hallucinations. Forbidden lovers Scott and Allison were forced to keep their relationship a secret, while Jackson struggled with a mysterious black liquid (the beginnings of Jackson-Kanima, no doubt) and new Alpha Derek started to recruit his pack, leading with Isaac. We were also introduced to the complete and utter evil that is old man Gerard.

Season 3

There was a new Alpha pack in town led by Deucalion, and Scott and his friends — now high school juniors — found their reprieve from the Beacon Hills baddies to be short-lived. Derek officially joined forces with a newly tattooed Scott after his own Alpha pack was essentially disbanded at the hand of Deucalion. We were also introduced to Ms. Blake, who was clearly not who — or what — she seemed.

Season 4

Following the tragic loss of Allison at the hands of the evil Nogitsune, Scott found himself in Mexico with Stiles, Lydia and new pack members Kira and Malia, who were on the hunt for a missing Derek. This would soon become the least of their worries as the high schoolers quickly had a new evil with which to contend, simply known as The Benefactor, along with new beta-in-training Liam. We also noted budding relationships between Scott and Kira and Stiles and Malia, aka Scira and Stalia — though following a certain Season 3 kiss, Stydia shippers worldwide wouldn't have lost hope.

Season 5

Now in their senior year, the Teen Wolf gang found themselves contending with the dastardly Dread Doctors, as told through a series of flashbacks from a bedridden Lydia who laid nearly comatose at the hands of Dr. Valack. Meanwhile, Parrish was coming to grips with his supernatural abilities, Malia was preoccupied with tracking down her birth mother, the Desert Wolf, and Scott and Stiles were greeted by an old "friend," Theo — who was also not what he seems.

Which season has been your favorite so far? Remember, and don't miss the Teen Wolf Season 6 premiere Tuesday, November 15 at 9/8c. (As if you would.)