'Family Vacation' Situation: Will Mike Sabotage Ronnie's Relationship With Jen?

According to good ol' Vinny, 'something's going to go down'

The situation in Miami is about to get really interesting.

On tonight's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Ronnie's girlfriend Jen arrived to the shore house before he had a chance to come clean about what went down (or didn't go down) with the girl who shall forever be known as "French Fry."

But that was just part of Ronnie's problem: He'd also earned possible retribution from Mike, who was tiring of Ron's biting one-liners.

"I don't know what to call you: The Situation, The Incarceration, The Taxation, The Probation," Ron had said, poking fun at Mike's very serious legal issues (and hitting below the belt).

Ron kept going with his jokes even after the two hugged it out, and eventually, Mike got fed up with it. "If Ronnie continues, I'm gonna have to check him," he said. "And he has some things hiding in his closet that he does not want to come out. What happens if someone says something? Hopefully, sh*t doesn't come out inadvertently."


Literally minutes before Jen's arrival, the roommates caught wind of Mike's stronger-than-usual animosity toward Ron, causing them to reminisce about what their friend was like back in the day.

"I see a little old Situation with Mike right now, and I'm just waiting for, like, a ticking bomb to explode," said Vinny. "Something's gonna go down."

Vin, are you saying we should probably grab the Doritos popcorn?


Meanwhile, JWOWW worried that if 2011 Sitch did indeed rear his concrete wall-bashing head, Ron would go apesh*t. "Ron doesn't have boundaries," she said. "So if Mike slips up in the 'French Fry' way, Ron would just physically destroy him."

But what do you think will happen? As much as Mike has changed for the better, do you think he's got it in him to completely ruin Jen's visit with Ron -- and, possibly, their relationship? Tell us your thoughts, then watch the Family Vacation drama unfold Thursday at 8/7c.

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