9 Over-The-Top Moments -- Rihanna Cameo Included -- From 'My Super Sweet 16'

Remember when the pop star escorted Darnell to his bash?

All birthdays are special, but turning 16 is super sweet.

Ahh, yes, the big 1-6. It's the age that marks the first passage into adulthood. But as everyone knows, no coming-of-age transition comes without a little bit of fun and drama.

Just ask all of the teens featured on MTV's storied series "My Super Sweet 16." For eight seasons from 2003 to 2008, viewers were treated to the most lavish birthday celebrations feting the most privileged celebrants in the history of reality TV -- and no party was complete without extravagant outfits, over-the-top presents and, of course, an epic cry-fest.

If you're in need of a trip down memory lane, look no further: "Sweet 16's Most Wanted: Where Are They Now?" special will air on Monday, February 16 at 3:50/2:50c followed by "My Super Sweet 16 with Reginae Carter and Lil' Wayne." But before we get that party started, let's take a look back at the show's most unforgettable moments:

When Sophie informed everyone that the birthday girl ALWAYS has the final say

Especially when it comes to donuts.

When Ava enlisted the help of (super-hot) college polo players for her jaw-dropping entrance


Super Sweet 16 - Ava

When Jennifer Lawrence made her acting debut in the show's promo

When Rihanna served as Darnell's date for his huge celebratory bash


Super Sweet 16 - Rihanna

Or that time Diddy partied the night away, all in the name of his godson Aaron's special night

When Nick Cannon helped Bre pass out VIP invites during her pre-party soiree


Super Sweet 16 - Nick Cannon

When Alexa caught the room's attention with her belly dance performance

When Marissa dyed her pet poodles pink ... to match her party's theme

And last but definitely not least: When Audrey went into total meltdown mode...

Because of her mom's unintentional mistake.

+ What's your favorite "Super Sweet 16" memory? Sound off in the comments below, and be sure to catch the "Sweet 16's Most Wanted: Where Are They Now?" special next Monday afternoon at 3:50/2:50c -- followed by "My Super Sweet 16 with Reginae Carter and Lil' Wayne."

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