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The Grammys, By The Numbers: How Many Lordes Does It Take To Make A Willie?

We look at the stats behind music's biggest night, right down to the second.

There were lots of numbers in Sunday night's Grammy telecast ... some of which were of the musical variety.

The rest, well, they were everything in between. You know, the stuff that makes the Grammys what they are, for better or worse. Here's a breakdown of some of Sunday night's most telling statistics. And, no, we can't believe Lorde is only 17 either.

» Total running time of Recording Academy president Neil Portnow's speech:

It only felt twice as long.

» Total length of LL Cool J's opening monologue:

Surprisingly, only a third of this was lip licking.

» Average length of each performance:

» Total length of the night's "In Memoriam" segment:

» Total time the winners spent walking to the stage:

The Grammys have nothing on the Golden Globes.

» Total length of the night's acceptance speeches:

Kinda makes you wonder why Grammy producers were so quick to play people off, doesn't it?

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» Amount of time presenters spent on stage:

Jamie Foxx and Steven Tyler did their best to bump this number up, btw.

» Average age of the the night's performers:

That's 2.67 Lordes, for those keeping score at home.

» Total time of the night's performances:

And yes, despite our best efforts to forget it ever happened, that includes Ringo Starr's time on stage.

» Total combined age of performers Blake Shelton, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard and Kris Kristofferson:

That's 15.9 Lordes.